ping: evo (2012)

evo is the second album to be completed by the Berlin Notebook musician ping. ping plays his decrepit Compaq notebook like an instrument: all tracks are live improvisations – without multi-track recording, superfluous dubbing or similar technical refinements. Instead of this: press power, play, and bam! – done. Only the length of the pieces has been heavily abbreviated – because one song at ping’s live sessions can last up to two hours. evo came about in this way as a sort of musical concentrate. The tracks take the listener with them on a hypnotic journey through looping landscapes: one scene follows the other, and one emerges organically from the next. The construction tools of ping’s musical architecture are cheap synth sounds, click & cuts, crackle effects and Freeware effect devices spun out-of-control.


Download album (zip, 73 MB)