Lisiko: Four Songs (2011)

The singer-songwriter Simon Steinblock lives in Berlin but originally comes from East Friesia in Germany, a region known for its somewhat unconventional characters. Simon’s songs, produced at home, fall somewhere between the folk ballad and the rhythm sounds of a heavy analogue organ, called Jacqueline de Luxe. Simon is not a highly gifted singer in the technical sense, but through listening closely the breath-taking beauty of his absurd, melancholic and humourous musical world is opened to you. The whole is decorated with many suspiciously catchy little melodies. An example is the song of the small sad robot, who would like to move out into the world but who doesn’t have enough battery left. Or song #3 which debates how composedly you can endure a plane crash, when you still have dreams.


Download album (zip, 23 MB)